Leonard Zelig

...is an award-winning producer, with extensive experience creating content for all media platforms. 

He has a vast experience launching and producing film and digital properties: narrative & documentaries,  digital web series, theater and branded entertainment. His forte is content development. Awards include – the prestigious  Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors Award as Best Director for the  play “An Empty Shoebox”, the  International ACE Award as Best Producer for the play “Happy With My  Mojo” (2005).  Recently his film Translucido won the People's Choice Award in both the Latin American Film Festival La Casa Cinefest and the Ecuadorian Film Festival in NY.


He received a great education. But when he realized that it interfered  with his understanding, he decided to become uneducated. He loves, sex,  justice, higher conscious, beauty, curiosity, freedom, empathy, art,  explorations, truth, learning, laughter, purpose, science, friends,  eating, video games, nature, film studies, adventure, animals, diversity, oneness,  fútbol. He hates greed, indifference, evil corporations, injustice,  division, control, authority, labels, walls, liver, dishonesty, borders,  radicals, interruptions, lies, ignorance. He shares his view to create  social impact.

“I enjoy being  around kind and compassionate people that live their life to the  fullest. I am an idea junkie. I thrive on collaboration. I'm an  innovative and forward thinker. And I want to push the creative  boundaries of new media like my life depends on it. Because, it actually  does.” 

You can check a full list of my films at IMDb.





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